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I Have a Thing

November 23rd, 2006 at 12:09 am

I have a thing about containers, I think. I was tipped off recently when I bought a pump bottle of hand soap, even though I didnít need it. The deal was: the container was a perfect ball, clear, and had no label. Essentially I bought the container to use to put in my soap bits, and the soap inside is a bonus. I love the idea of my miscellaneous soap bits being in this cute little label-less ball. The soap was ninety nine cents, no splurge, but since I didnít need soap I had questioned why I had bought it.

I hadnít really fully thought out how much I love reusable containers. My shampoo and conditioner are in nice thick plastic well shaped pump bottlesÖI periodically refill them. Itís not at all about looking like I have a certain brand that I donít, though I suppose that some people may think I actually buy fancy shampoo. (I got it in a gift basket last February.)

My favorite, cheapest dish soap comes in a screw top bottle. I pour it into a nice old squeeze top bottle.

Most of my dry bulk foods are in Red Vine licorice tubs, big peanut butter jars, or canning jars-depends on size. I like this for consistency-a nice simple look. I prefer bulk buying for these items (flour, milk, nuts, so forth) not only because they are usually cheaper, for less packaging. If itís not packaging Iím gonna cherish, I donít want it.

If Iím looking at getting salsa or ice cream or something, I actually take the packaging into account-not whether itís eye-catching, but whether it comes in a nice reusable plastic tub with a lid that seals well. And lately, clear is also a bonus-cottage cheese tubs can make things harder to see in the freezer, so Iím always on the look out for clear. Best is when the label on the clear tub is one that will peel off easily.

I spent an extra nickel on a bunch of yogurts just to get the cup with a lid, so I could reuse for gelatin and other lunch snacks.

I got really excited about a free sample of hairsprayÖbecause it meant a free small pump bottle to put Fabreeze in for travelling. Another free sample hair spray actual contains hair spray that I refill periodically.

At work a lot of people know I like Red Vine tubs, the big ice cream plastic tubs, and other large tubs. I don't stock pile tons of them, but it's nice to be able to grab a new one when an odl one wears out.

(There were some mini-ťclairs at Costco for a while that came in a tall, square white tub. I loved them for potlucksÖ.a nice deep container that held plenty of food, used fridge space well, since they were square not round, and could be left at someoneís house with no worry of how to get it back.) I accept them all to keep them coming-some things I do just recycle right away, so the only benefit is to the landfill, and thatís fine with me.

There were some envelopes at work that came in ďgoodĒ lidded boxes, then we started getting ďbadĒ flimsy tear open boxes. It really threw me for a loop. The nice black boxes with white and black lids were so handy, for gifts and other things. Iím not sure anyone else noticed the change.

A small bottle of conditioner caught my eye recently...fifty cents wasnít a great deal on the conditioner, but along with the perfectly sized travel bottle (larger than sample, much smaller than regular) that seals perfectly I felt good about it.

This container fetish has clearly been building over time. My plan is for this to be good resource use, and not a weird creepy habit, as I grow older.

6 Responses to “I Have a Thing”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    LOL! i feel your container 'pain': while reading about the soap bottle i couldn't help but think 'yeah, that would be PERFECT!'. my kitchen suffers from severe lack of counter space, so i've had to be picky about canister/containers/the like. i found a set of 3 round stoneware canisters that are designed to stack securely on top of one another and was just pleased as punch.

    and ditto on needing cleaer containers for leftovers: makes it much easier to use what's there rather than pulling them all out and checking under the lid.

  2. janH Says:

    I had to try to get over the basket thing. I love homemade baskets. My mom has made me some and I have others from various places and times. I still have a few, well-placed ones that I use all the time, but I don't buy them much anymore. Hmmm. Hubby got a goodbye gift from old company is the neatest basket........

  3. kealina Says:

    i think lots of people like containers for the pratical value they can have...
    we went thru a short period where we ate tons and tons of salsa and we ended up collecting the glass jars which are tall cylinders... now we use them to store certain bulk goods up on the ledge above our kitchen cabinets... i like them because they give a uniform look and we can always see what's inside them...

  4. baselle Says:

    For the longest time, I used to buy 4$/bottle lemonade because it came in glass bottles with the ceramic cap, rubber seal, metal hinges (like those Groelsch (sp) beer bottles). DH looked at me funny - until I showed him smaller glass bottles with caps and seals for $8. Looked at it this way, empty lemonade bottles were a freakin' steal, and now I get free lemonade? Smile

  5. ulrica Says:

    all my 'every day' drinking glasses are actually old cheese containers.. but i normally don't tell that to my guests Big Grin the cheese had a reasonable price for cheese (maybe 2 usd? i'm in sweden), although not the cheapest one.. but then i also got free glasses & that made it a bargain in my eyes. they even look good Smile
    i also happen to know that a friend of mine uses old glass jars from black currant jelly (or whatever it's called in english), to serve dessert in. they look great & noone would figure.

    i like to save different kinds of plastic containers as well, esp those for icecream as they are great to freeze left-overs in. although i don't buy icecream that often anymore, since i've realized it costs just as much to make your own but that tastes nicer, with real cream etc. so i'm considering to ask my friends for their containers now, haha.

  6. Homebody Says:

    Remember the old Bon Boniere ice cream tubs. They were perfect for freezing food. Too bad they don't use them anymore.

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