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LRJohnson's Underclothes

December 14th, 2006 at 04:04 am

Tonight Iím tossing out some underwear. They are springing little white elastic threads everywhere, and itís time for them to go. I thought to myself, ďI have enough underwear, I can toss a pair.Ē Then I remembered that some of my new underwear werenít black, and that I had a decision to make.

A little too much information, but I prefer all black underthings. They always match. I could never understand the lure of a pretty blue and yellow floral bra, because with pink and black lace underpants they look awful. I decided that I should go black and white, but that didnít look great either, so then I went black. Could be different materials or cuts, but black.

After many years of underclothes harmony, I got a free pair of underwear as a sample: turquoise. I didnít realize it was a harbinger of colors to come.

I decided later that a nude bra would be in order, because nude is the least visible with certain tops. So then there were two.

Then my co-worker opens a pack of underwear, and realized she got the wrong cut, so she kicks them down to me. Now Iíve got freaking white, pink, and lavender, as well as black and the turquoise. And to top it all off, I get a huge back of Freecycle clothes, and shudder all you want, but there was a white bra that fit and I started wearing it.

So now all my underclothes are a mess. And Iím thinking of tossing a black pair of undies? Man. So then Iím thinking, okay, well, Iíll just buy some more black underwear at Ross (usually decent selection and $1.49 to $2.99 a pairÖ.these last ones Iím tossing gave me seven years of good service). Iíll suck it up and toss the beige bra, because itís not worn out but itís just not so great, and Iíll toss the Freecycle bra, because if itís something you donít want to admit to wearing, maybe you shouldnít wear it, right?? And besides itís wearing out.

Which leaves me with the colored underwear. So I think to myself, well, I have sleep socks (anklet socks that are pretty much dead but are good for sleeping,) so Iíll just have sleep underwear.

And where does that leave me? Iím a crazy lady with different sets of underclothes for night and day. I'm also a crazy lady who writes about her drawers on a blog that people she knows in real life reads. Not gonna read this one to your friends, huh, Dad?

13 Responses to “LRJohnson's Underclothes”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Such a problem to have.... It all could be solved if you go commando and just let the girls hang loose Smile Just toss it all out Smile
    Aren't I ever so helpful?

  2. janH Says:

    LOL. Isn't life funny?

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    umm...didnt I see you on Oprah today in her bra boutique?? lol.

    Life is just never simple, is it?

  4. baselle Says:

    That's the one aspect of gym that no one ever talks about. I'm going for the all black undies myself. First of all, I have mostly "fat" undies, which now have a lot of play. Second of all, they give the "don't mess with me" look that I need when I change in the locker room.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Okay, but um...unless you are wearing them on the outside of your clothes does it really matter what color they are? Just get a flesh tone cami for see through shirts and you'd be good even if you had rainbow colored undies.

  6. miclason Says:

    TMI: I also like my underwear to match!...weird, I know, especially since it's not like I have anyone to show off to...LOL!...I do love to have them in different colors, though, so eventhough I have the nude, white and black, I also have a couple of very colorful sets...

  7. Ima saver Says:

    Pretty funny!

  8. princessperky Says:

    rolf Smile
    Personally DH tried to convince me with variety..I too have mostly black or white, enough of each that in general I match...and yeah I have slowly ditched all the rest of the colors.

  9. LuxLiving Says:

    I do this too with my socks n' wears. How come my mother thinks she STILL needs to buy me undies and socks n' stuff???

    I'll donate all that's donatable and throw out the blown to shreds and replace with all of the same for easy mix n' match and before you know it a riot of color has exploded once again in my fundies drawer!

    ahhhh...fundyundies...gotta love a nice neat drawer with just what you're looking for laying on top!

  10. contrary1 Says:

    I couldn't resist reading this entry.......(I read your blog regularly anyway, but this title had me right off!)

    I laughed so hard......too funny! I've gone all nude colored in my old age here, so much easier in the laundry department. However, all my socks are supposed to be black and that drawer has the socks that were gifts and they look more rainbow like than black.

    I'm spoiled in that I make my own underwear & they last forever......if not, out they go and I head to the sewing room. Also making my own socks again now, they are so much more fun to wear than the store bought variety.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. boomeyers Says:

    I'm a Tidy Whitey girl myself!

  12. jodi Says:

    Oh, I'm going to be self-conscious getting dressed tomorrow when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror wearing my black bra with floral undies...does everyone else but me match their undies??? I guess I never gave it much thought.
    Too funny...this cracked me up Smile

  13. debtfreeme Says:

    today, since i am wearing my boots, i am wearing socks that don't even match! ( I am still trying to catch up on laundry and house cleaning since my vacation.) in the dark they looked right! (dark green and dark blue!)

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