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More Random Than Usual

December 18th, 2006 at 03:58 am

Yesterday I went out into the frenzy, and made it home alive. I went to the mall-gasp!-but bought two pairs of undies, deposited a bunch of checks at my credit union, and made my getaway. I stopped by the bread thrift store, and spent $5.99, including $1.99 for 8 very nice looking croissants. Third stop, used bookstore, brought a bag in for trade, and with that bag and some previous trade credit, bought some books as presents and some books for me. Last stop, grocery shopping at the Canned Foods outlet. A lot of other shoppers didnít look too happy, so I didnít feel I was missing out on a festive vibe.

Iím working right now on round two of present wrapping. I did a big binge a week or so ago, and wrapped around ten or fifteen. (In getting lots of gifts at garage sales and the like, I have more medium and small gifts, and fewer large gifts. Thatís okay with me.) I need to wrap all the gifts for work folks early, so that I can bring them in this week. I find wrapping presents very satisfying, fulfilling even.

Nothing more to report on the weekend, except that I made two batches of plum jam. My Guy isnít into giving gifts with work folk, but since he likes them I have talked him into bringing in a little half pint of jam with a ribbon. He made the last round of apple jelly, and we did the plum and blackberry batches together the time before that, so itís not as if heís taking advantage of my labor.

This week will be busy for me at work. I know many people are off, and fore many others itís a pretty loosy goosey time, but Iíll be hopping. Itís good for me.

2 Responses to “More Random Than Usual”

  1. i'm going to win Says:

    I feal your pain no rest for those in retail or team sports I think you work retail am I right? But anyway they just don't stop comming do they. I need this I need that WHAT YOU ARE OUT? hey your looking for A item thats used in summer not December, storm out mad. Life in retail is it great.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    The jam sounds yummy! A nice little treat for everyone! Love the bookstore idea!

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