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Ice! Ice! Baby, it's Cold Outside

January 12th, 2007 at 02:35 am

Oooh, a bad, bad title. Itís chilly here on the North Coast, more than Iím used to. Being on the coast, we rarely freeze; even a half hour inland gets much colder. But when I passed my car walking to work today, I was sure glad I wouldnít have to spend a lot of time defrosting the windshield. Anything to reinforce walking to work works for me!

Sometimes I get the ďput your head down and keep goingĒ mentality. Itís not a sad or unhappy place to be, but itís a very determined place. And right now I feel committed to develop some new habits, and in awhile these tasks-walk to work, eat smaller portions, get my workday organized first thing in the morning, etc.-wonít be hard at all, because theyíll just be what I do-my routine.

Until itís a routine, I almost wish I could turn my thinking button off. I can muse for days; pros, cons, ifs, thens. Not necessarily so helpful. I want no distractions, even good distractions. Thankfully blogging is a way for me to stay focused; angst or flightiness can be funneled.

On the financial front, Iíve got 48 days left on My Challenge. All systems seem to be go. Last nightís sushi for My Guyís birthday was not heap but it was anticipated, so Iím good there. Car insurance comes due, but Iíve been budgeting for it, and a bonus is that next month, the last month of My Challenge, I wonít have to budget for it! It almost compensates for the fact that I had to pay the July segment only five months in to my Challenge.

I havenít had to spend car repair money recently, though I did spend $4.50 this month for self-serve car wash and vacuuming. If my car stays true, I will also be able to pout all my banked car repair money into other categories in February. The whole idea that any banked money come 2/28 is available for addition savings as far as Challenge numbers is pretty exciting. Iím very curious to see what my average spending per month ends up being.

4 Responses to “Ice! Ice! Baby, it's Cold Outside”

  1. debideux Says:

    Ice on the North Coast? I thought you only had to have an umbrella to live here! I check in here from time to time and have seen good things. I'm jealous of your sticktuitiveness and commitment to your challenge (but not enough to do much about it). You're doing great LRJohnson!

  2. contrary1 Says:

    We're iced in here in WA state too. I'm grateful I work at home, so don't have to be out IN this stuff much.......just a daily trudge to the chicken coop & I'm back in by the fire.

    I'm so impressed, continually your commitment to the challenge. Not many people I know can go even a day without spending money on something! Look at you! You've got material for a book, you know?? Have you thought about what you could do with your experience & research?

    Again, kudos to you. I'm so impressed.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Your title reminds me of one of those puzzles on Wheel of Fortune that combines two phrases.

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    Yay you - keep going - you're a doing it!! I hope your family is as proud of you as we are!!!

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