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Discovery: Cold Equals Dirty

January 22nd, 2007 at 01:19 am

I understand a little more how the cold can really affect our lifestyle. We donít clean! When every breath is a puff of steam, and we sleep in two pairs of sweatpants and hats on, who wants to spend time in cold rooms?

We do have a little heater in the bedroom and computer room. Other than that, nothing, because space heaters are ineffective and we rent a 12 foot ceiling Victorian build in 1887. Any solution to warm the house would be a costly investment.

Saturday was sunny, and not really cold, and I looked around and found a crazy mess. Laundry, dishes (didnít help that I couldnít wash with my burned hand), just piles of crud. A little stunning, since we are pretty tidy. Not clean and scrubby, but tidy: piles on flat surfaces are unusual.

So I wasnít upset about the cold, and I have loved the rain, but Iíve figured out a bad side effect from the chill. Besides having ice inside the window, and being scared of the next utility bill.

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