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January 27th, 2007 at 02:40 am

I got a check for $17 in the mail, a check I can actually count as income on My Challenge, and it is huge in Challenge terms! Seventeen dollars is a lot of money when ďregularĒ income is $1026.

(The money was from SurveySpot, for a variety of surveys over the year that I cashed out. If I get extra money from something I could get if I was on Minimum Wage, I count it-online surveys are okay, because I budget for the Internet.)

Iím feeling a bit of pressure. Why? I just read the newsletter, which listed a link to my page on it, and Iím just a tad nervous about new people peeking in. I hadnít realized theat my 2006 $20 Challenge win might lead to some extra visits. Itís hard to reconcile the desire to have exciting posts all about how wondrous frugality is, when some times it just comes down to: I make do and donít buy.

I get up, pack my lunch, put on my thrift store or hand me down clothes, do some pretty simple hair and face care that is probably not as close to primping as it should be, and maybe walk to work, maybe drive in my car. Work and eat my little packed lunch, perhaps while playing Boggle (scored at a garage sale for $2 a few years ago). Then I walk or drive homeÖstraight home. No errands usually, no shopping, no picking up something. I never shop recreationally (except for garage sales). I try to limit grocery and household shopping trip to one big one a month, though we do a couple fill ins for produce, or a canít miss deal, or a special ingredient for guests or a potluck. (I never run to the store for something we are out of-if I donít have it, it can wait.)

I get home, and enjoy being at home. I read a lot, usually used books from the bookstore (sometimes I get trade credit), garage sales, thrift stores, buck-a-bag book sales at the library, and swapping with friends. Perhaps Iíll hang out with friends; fabulously free. I listen to music; my CD collection has enough of my favorites that I now only buy one or two a year. I watch limited cable channels 2-13; it costs us $10.25 a month, and man, I waste a lot of time watching the limited channels I have-Iíd go nuts with regular cable. I like being on the computer; I do splurge for cable internet.

I can go days and days without spending anything. This week I filled up with gas, other than that nothing. Itís a little boring to talk about, but itís not boring to live, and itís very restful.

5 Responses to “Rich!”

  1. Sindel Says:

    I like how you've cut down your entertainment costs!

    I'm recently getting back into borrowing library books to read myself, and I havent bought a new cd for ages!

    And I totally agree - time spent with good friends is the best entertainment Smile

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    My life is strangely similar - I just don't go shopping anymore unless there is some kind of NEED - and it's more than okay!!

  3. sarah Says:

    I find your blogs refreshing and inspiring.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I think it is good for people to see though how you can live that way and not be deprived. My life overall is pretty similar too. Since my dh does the shopping and cooking I could go months without setting foot in a store, or paying for entertainment. Some time at home is usually all we need, or a walk to the park with the kids.

    Anyway, we love your blog, don't feel pressured!

  5. KEALINA Says:

    haha Lux and monkeymama... i was gonna post that my life sounds similar too except for our grocery shopping habits... we shop the loss leaders weekly instead of stocking up monthly... of course, i don't think we could fit that much food is a big problem here and most people learn to work around that...
    other than grocery shopping, i always end up spending at least a quarter when we go to garage sales every saturday... besides two days every week, we almost always have no-spend days just relaxing at home and enjoying it...
    ps... i like your blog too...

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