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Used Clothes and New Fruit.

January 28th, 2007 at 07:50 pm

An underrated plus of thrift store, garage sale, or hand me down clothes: I know how theyíll hold up. With new stuff, sometimes Iím surprised at how things that look like they have solid construction pill, or dry permanently oddly wrinkled (collars!), or fade, or somehow fall apart. With used clothes, I can tell the clothes can take a wash or two.

Results of recent (2007) hand me downs:

Flannel old-school nightgown

2 sweaters

A dress

2 pair sneakers

1 pair shoes

A skirt

2 pairs corduroy pants

3 or so blouses

Bathing suit

Plus, in a ďpossibleĒ pile: a bathing suit, a dress, and 2 pair pants. I keep a ďpossibleĒ box; I try on the items every six months or so. If it doesnít fit or I donít decide to wear it after the item has been in the box 6 months, itís gone. This way I donít have to decide immediately, and I donít end up with things in my closet Iíll never wear-too tight, too loose, or just isnít a color or style that floats my boar.

Yesterday I bought grapes-red and green, strawberries, and cherries. Even though itís January and the fruit wasnít perfect, it was all very good, and I at it in the bathtub and watching some record TV. Such a small thing can bring so much joy. Post-challenge I plan to allow myself to spend more on fruits-getting some organic stuff sometimes, and also, getting the fancier stuff. Right now I buy a lot of apples and oranges, pears and sometimes grapes. I plan to be a pineapple queen.

Today I drive to Sacramento. I donít have to fly, thank goodness. I donít mind flying, but the cost, even though it doesnít cost me directly, always irks me-we have a small airport up here in Eureka (itís actually a half hour north of Eureka in McKinleyville). Plus, a huge concern, I kept getting fogged in (or out)-itís annoying to miss an important meeting that way. Itís a 5-1/2 drive, but that can be soothing-the scenery out here in Humboldt (to Mendocino, to Lake) counties is incredible. Iíll be back Monday night. I plan to eat a lot of fruit on the way! Itís also nice to be able to take a bunch of food-I donít like checking baggage for a one day trip, but it does drive me nuts to not have my 12-1/2 cent cans of club soda.

Oh, and I got $10.13 from recycling yesterday-my biggest run yet! Whooooo!

5 Responses to “Used Clothes and New Fruit.”

  1. paigu Says:

    Eating grapes in the bath- sounds decadent! Glad you found time for that little pleasant moment. Have a safe trip!

  2. KEALINA Says:

    hooray for handmedowns... i wish i would get more sometimes... luckily i have garage sales... and if i didn't have those i'd probably be haunting the swap meet and craigslist...
    ps... i really like the idea of the possible box... i usually just add it to my closet... then if i haven't worn it for awhile i get rid of it... since we have limited space it helps that when i buy new things at garage sales i have to make space so generally things i don't wear (that aren't sentimental) get purged... i especially tend to purge when i have a friend who would appreciate the clothes... I'm glad to share and like to think of it as good karma...

  3. frontporchmom Says:

    I enjoy your blog! I have been wanting to let you know that for some time.
    You seem to enjoy life and life lived is refreshing to be around other kindreded souls. Keep up the good inspiring blog. Refreshing and soul filling.

  4. frontporchmom Says:

    I also like in your descriptipn that you are DRAMA FREE! I just really like that and I can relate whole-heartedly dear.

  5. jodi Says:

    When given the choice, I still prefer hand-me-downs over new clothes for that very reason - they last longer! Plus, if I happen to get a stain on one, then I don't feel so bad. I found a good deal on a new pair of pants the other day at the Eddie Bauer outlet ($12 - I had some money from my birthday that I was ORDERED to spend on something new for myself), but I spilled something greasy on them the first time I wore them. The stain wouldn't come out. Ugh. I would have felt not so bad had I spent $2 on them at a garage sale. I couldn't even imagine how mad I would have been if they had cost $40!

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