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February 12th, 2007 at 09:12 pm

My folks are in town!

D & D are visiting prior to leaving for Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, and Bali. My travel bug was definitely caught from my dad; he was born in East Africa, and has traveled many continents for various reasons; missionaries' child; Air Force; wandering hippie.

My dad just retired at 69, and if all goes well he and D will be world travelers for the next few years, spending from a month to many months in places, depending on the cost and how much they like it.

That is a dream retirement, for me. A goal to work towards; they arenít doing this rich, just very focused. I will meet up with them in a couple places; unfortunately I canít follow them everywhere.

Also I am managing to almost catch a cold, or to catch a light cold. I*t gets a little tedious.

Nothing much on the spending front; entertainment will be a little high due to visitors, but Iíve got excess in other areas.

It is really very odd that I have sixteen days left on My Challenge.

2 Responses to “No Posts Because”

  1. Cheetahwoman7 Says:

    I can't wait to see your final yearly totals. Smile Enjoy the time with your parents.

  2. mairgrif Says:

    My grandparents did something similar when Grandma retired - they took their trailer, hitched it up and travelled the country for almost a year. My birthday present that year was flying out to meet them in Las Vegas, and then driving with them to LA and spending a week w/ them. I am very close to them, so this was a wonderful trip for all of us (I was born on my grandmother's birthday Smile) I hope they enjoy the experience.


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