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Getting Ready to Splurge

April 20th, 2007 at 02:43 am

In March I didnít spend as much as I thought I might have. My big three day weekend trip to Santa Rosa that included rack of lamb, escargot, and a historical register hotel was $420. Other than that, I spent $1140. $84 on dining out, the first month off The Challenge (not including the rack of lamb!).

After all that moderation, itís time to buy a laptop.

Man, my home-made frozen lunch ended up being great. I will definitely continue making them. I think the next batch will be the whole-wheat pasta, with chicken thigh meat, artichoke & red pepper tapenade, and green beans.

2 Responses to “Getting Ready to Splurge”

  1. yummy64 Says:

    Once you get into making home made meals for lunch and freezing them I don't think you can go back to those frozen boxed things.. The pasta you have planned sounds great! I have to think of something new to do next week. I really need to stop eating the same few things over and over and over (get the drift?)

  2. mitch3636 Says:

    That chicken recipe sounds yummy.. i think i might try it!

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